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the people in my life

Jim - my boyfriend since April 4, 1999. We lived together from May 2000 - May 2001, when he graduated and moved to DC. We had a long distance (LD) relationship until June 2003 when I moved down to DC. The summer of 2003 I am staying with him in his apartment. Amy - Jim's housemate that we met in student government. She now works for a congressman.

Andy - another student govt friend. He was an engineer, but when the economy got tough he started subbing after graduation. Now he is a certified middle school math teacher.

Vanessa (aka "V") - Vanessa, who also goes by V (it's not an alias), was a good friend during college. She is an engineering major, so I didn't see her very frequently.

Alie - We lived together my sophomore year.

Holly - my bestest friend from high school. We talk on occasion. She is back in my home town though with her husband and her five year old son (gulp!) She is my anchor when things get tough. I miss her.

Buzz - my former housemate's cousin. We met through student government and his antics never fail to make me laugh.

Mike - a friend I met through student govt - also was my senior year drinkin' buddy

"Bunson Honeydew & Beaker" - my two housemates my senior year. I found the names fitting since they are math and physics majors...and they bear an uncanny resemblance. They can drive me crazy, but are pretty cool overall.

Ex - only one of my ex-boyfriends I refuse to call by name simply because he has a weird old guy name. Anyway, we hang out a lot even though I left him for Jim. :)

Alan & Adam - two more ex-boyfriends

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